A compilation for you to consume with your eyes.

Alright listen up you little shits.
Here’s what’s going on:

-Last night, PR Anon (who has been revealed as psychoticramblings, you evil mastermind, you) sent a series of poems out which were then pieced together by PR himself. End of mystery 1.

-Shortly after the PR messages were sent but before the PR mystery was solved, another creepy anon began sending messages such as “can you hear me?” or “i can hear you.” From what I’ve seen so far, badlydrawnmarblehornets and I recieved these. As of right now, this anon hasn’t returned since early last night.

Now for the current mystery, and this one’s entertaining, so pay attention:

1. “Darkness Anon,” as seen above, has been sending cryptic messages about the safety of the darkness and the danger of the light, talking about taking others away to “save them.” I don’t know about ethanrayne, but I personally recieved several more messages other than the ones above.
2. Darkness Anon has since made a blog. 3. I woke up this morning to find that I was being followed by t0th2ea-r-k, just like ethanrayne.
4. Darkness Anon insists upon not trusting “The Ark”, as seen above.

Conclusion? Being in the Marble Hornets fandom started this, it’s interesting, and I want to know more.

Anyone else been chosen by our dear Darkness Anon?

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    Woah now what even is this? I wake up to all this happening and im just wut?
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    It’s spreading, you guys.
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    Hm… Well it seems he’s taking special interest in both of you. I’m not sure what the connection is.
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    I’ve been chosen.
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    i got the do not trust the ark one as well, but i didn’t get any more darkness anon. god dAMN IT JUST WHEN WE SOLVE ONE...
  17. psychoticrambling said: I’ve been trying to contact Darkness but I have yet to receive any form of acknowledgment
  18. mortalcreator333 said: I haven’t been chosen quite yet, but this is really interesting~
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    Yo I’ve been getting more Darkness Anons, all tagged PR Anon because I thought they were connected.
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    This is both terrifying and interesting at the same time.